What Is Better For Stainless Steel Pipes Than PP-R Pipes?

What Is Better For Stainless Steel Pipes Than PP-R Pipes?

304 stainless steel pipes, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, can be implanted into the human body material, does not breed bacteria, will not cause secondary pollution of water quality. Renovation of the old house waterway, the owner directly selects the stainless steel pipe to see the feedback and effect of the owner.

Advantages of stainless steel pipe:

If the water pipe is on the balcony or outdoors, it is generally designed to be insulated, because the water will expand by 10% after freezing, and if it is PP-R plastic pipe, it may freeze and burst. Stainless steel pipes will not have this problem, because the metal expansion ratio is greater than 10%, and the water pipes will never freeze.

  • stainless steel water pipe is highly resistant to corrosion

All types of stainless steel are iron alloys with a chromium content of 11% or more. When the stainless steel is exposed to air or water, the surface will immediately form a thin and dense protective chromium oxide passivation film, which makes the stainless steel excellent. Corrosion resistance. If the film is scratched, it can be repaired by itself. There is enough oxygen in the drinking water to promote this repair and protection process.

Let's take a look at the inner wall of the PPR water pipe after many years. Have you seen this scene?

PPR water pipe after many years

PPR water pipe after many years

Misunderstanding: What is the use of stainless steel pipes in just one place?

The main pipeline of Chinese houses is PP-R. What is the use of installing stainless steel pipes in my home?

As is known to all, the water for the residents of the whole building is through the main pipeline and enters the branch water pipes of each house under the pressure. However, the water use time of each household is not fixed, thus the water in the main pipeline is continuously circulating. Plasticizers that contain plastic components leak during use are almost as small as water is diverted to each other.

The water that has already entered the house will not return to the main pipeline under the pressure. If we still use plastic pipes, the water left in the plastic pipes will not be used for a long time when we go out to work and sleep at night. The plasticizer that slowly oozes out will gradually increase in concentration over time, and when we open the faucet again, it will enter our family “without loss”.

If a stainless steel water pipe is installed, this part of the "value-added" plasticizer can be completely avoided.

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