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Tullow Oil Expects Production To Fall By 16% In 2021

According to a report from Petroleum News London, Tullow Oil, a British independent oil company focused on Africa, warned in London on January 27 that due to lack of drilling activities last year and the planned closure of the Jubilee oil field in Ghana, Tullow Oil's oil production this year will A drop of 16%.…
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2021 Operation Plan of JISCO Hongxing

According to source, board of directors of JISCO Hongxing passed company’s 2021 Year Operation Plan. And this plan includes producing 8.3 million tons cast iron, 9.5 million tons steel (0.99 million tons stainless steel), and 9.5 million tons steel products (0.92 million tons stainless steel), which plans to achieve operating income of 40.5 billion yuan.…
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