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AWWA C207 Class D

AWWA C207 Class D These AWWA Class D Steel Ring Flanges meet AWWA C207 specifications and comply with ANSI #150 bolt pattern requirements. At atmospheric temperature, this slip-on style flange is pressure rated to 175psi for 4- to 12-inch flanges, and 150psi for flanges 14 inches and larger. General Introduction… Read More »AWWA C207 Class D

ASME B16.5 in Engineering

ASME B16.5 in Engineering – Pipe Flange & Flanged Fittings ASME B16.5 is crucial for governing the design, manufacture, and installation of steel flanges and flanged fittings. In this article, we will explore why this standard is important and how it shapes engineering practices in various industries. Through a detailed… Read More »ASME B16.5 in Engineering

What is a steel flange?

What is a steel flange? Steel flange refers to a type of movable flange made of steel, which can usually be connected between different equipment for transmitting fluids and liquids. It also has good sealing, strength, and wear resistance, simple and reliable structure, easy installation, and low maintenance and repair… Read More »What is a steel flange?

Differences in flanges

1、 The difference between valves and flanges A valve is a device that opens and closes pipelines and controls medium flow. The main function of valves is to control the flow direction of the medium, regulate the flow rate, protect equipment and pipelines, and prevent contamination of the mixture. Valves… Read More »Differences in flanges


flanges, Introduction to Encyclopedia Francisca knowledge. “Flange” is the abbreviation for “flange”, which is a transliteration of “flange”. It was first proposed by an Englishman named Elchat in 1809 and also proposed a casting method for flanges. However, it was not widely used for a considerable period of time until… Read More »flanges

Alloy 321 Stainless Steel

What is Stainless Steel 321 Stainless steel 321 is a stable stainless steel whose main advantage is its excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion in the high temperature range of 800°F to 1500°F (427°C to 816°C) for chromium carbide precipitation. Alloy 321 stainless steel tubing is stabilized by the addition of… Read More »Alloy 321 Stainless Steel