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AWWA C207 Flange

AWWA C207 Flange AWWA C207 flange is a type of industrial water pipe flange that meets the AWWA C207 standard. Specifically, this standard specifies in detail the dimensions and requirements for steel pipe flanges used in water pipe equipment. This type of flange is suitable for water pipe flanges with… Read More »AWWA C207 Flange

EN 1092-1 Flange

EN 1092-1 Flange EN 1092-1 flange is a European flange standard widely used in the field of industrial pipeline connections. This standard defines requirements for the size, shape, surface treatment, pressure rating, and flange type of flanges to ensure that they can meet the needs of different application scenarios. EN1092-1… Read More »EN 1092-1 Flange

AS flange

AS Flange AS flange is the Australian standard flange, it is a series with different dimension from ASME B16.5 and DIN/EN series. Kaysuns provide AS 2129 series, AS 4078 series flange with high quality and competitive price upon the requirement. The materials we supply includes stainless steel, 2205 duplex and… Read More »AS flange

Spectacle Flange

Spectacle Flange Spectacle Flange is consisted by a paddle blind and a space,  it is also named figure 8 blind flange. The shape like a spectacles,  spectacle flange is mainly for the purpose of easy maintenance of pipeline. Especially for the large diameter piping of chemical project, spectacle blind flange will make the… Read More »Spectacle Flange

DIN Flanges

DIN Flanges DIN flange is a very important flange series in the world, it was applied by many countries especially for EU members. Like ASME flange, DIN flange has many different types such as WN flange, SO flange, Blind Flange etc., with different mass numbers. DIN standard flange has replaced… Read More »DIN Flanges

Orifice Flange

Orifice Flange Orifice flange is generally come with Raised Face(RF) or Ring type Joint face (RTJ flange), it is used for the purpose of measurement of fluid flow rate of either liquids or gases in the respective pipeline. With different connected type(WN/SO/TH), there is two flow holes in the side of orifice… Read More »Orifice Flange

RTJ Flange

RTJ Flange RTJ flange also named RJ flange, it is not a flange type – Ring Type Joint Face is a sealing face type. RTJ is generally for high pressure rate flange, such as 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500# etc, available for every flange types, include WN, SO, Orifice flange etc. Matched with… Read More »RTJ Flange

Threaded Flange

Threaded Flange Threaded flange is screwing connected with NPT or BSP pipe thread, it is connected to other threaded piping components. No welding required, threaded flange is generally used in low pressure, non-critical piping system. Like WN flanges, this flange will be furnished with 1/16″ raised face unless otherwise specified. Flat… Read More »Threaded Flange

Socket Weld Flange

Socket Weld Flange Socket Weld Flange is the flange with socket-welding connection, it is a common flange type. As it is socked-welded type, the dimension of SW flange is up to 3″ only generally. Like weld neck flange, SW flange need to know the pipe schedule in order to make… Read More »Socket Weld Flange

Slip On Flange

Slip On Flange Slip-on flange is a general flange type for ASME and DIN flanges. Different from welding-neck flange, slip on flange is without neck and need the pipe insert into the hole to welding.  Commonly Slip on flange is for low – middle pressure piping system, it is popular due to… Read More »Slip On Flange