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From this page, you can learn what is the product of our production and sales of duplex stainless steel pipes, industrial welded pipes, stainless steel flanges, etc.

Continuous Casting Process Of Duplex Stainless Steel

Continuous casting process, also known as billet casting, is the process of solidifying molten metal into "semi-finished" billets, blooms or slabs, and then rolling them in a finishing mill. From wiki. There are two methods for casting duplex stainless steel: die casting and continuous casting. Before the 1960s, most of the duplex steels were die…
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Alkaline & Acid Corrosion Resistance Of 2205 Stainless Steel Pipe

In order to illustrate the Acid corrosion resistance of 2205 stainless steel in strong acid solutions, Figure 1 shows the corrosion data of sulfuric acid solution. Figure 1 The medium conditions range from a weakly reducing environment with low acid concentration to a high-concentration oxidizing environment and a medium-concentration strong reducing hot solution. 2205 and…
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Analysis of Leakage in Petrochemical Industry – 2205 Duplex Pipe

Due to its higher corrosion resistance, duplex stainless steel pipes are widely used in petrochemical industries and other industries with harsh media environments. Although duplex steel has good corrosion resistance, leakage in petrochemical industry often occurs due to the corrosion of duplex pipes or other reasons. leakage in petrochemical industry After a short-term operation of…
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