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From this page, you can learn what is the product of our production and sales of duplex stainless steel pipes, industrial welded pipes, stainless steel flanges, etc.

How To Improve The Production Process Of Stainless Steel Elbows

Good production process creates high-quality stainless steel elbows So how to improve the production process of stainless steel elbows? Use high-quality stainless steel materials The quality of raw materials in the market is currently uneven. Suppliers of stainless steel pipe fittings must be evaluated and selected. Second, the manufacturer's quality inspection report is required. Third,…
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The Effect Of Various Elements On Nickel based Alloys

Definition of Nickel based alloys Alloys with Ni content exceeding 30wt% are called nickel based alloys. Common products have Ni content exceeding 50wt%. Due to their superior high-temperature mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, they are combined with iron-based and cobalt-based alloys as superalloys ( Superalloy). This kind of alloy is generally used in a high…
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Magnetic Stainless Steel, Yes Or Not?

Is It Possible To Judge The Quality Of Magnetic Stainless Steel Is unqualified? Most people think that magnetic stainless steel is bad, and use magnets to judge the quality of stainless steel pipe and fittings. It is definitely unscientific. magnet There are many types of stainless steel, which can be divided into several categories according…
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