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From this page, you can learn what is the product of our production and sales of duplex stainless steel pipes, industrial welded pipes, stainless steel flanges, etc.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel 2507

Description of Super Duplex Stainless Steel 2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel 2507 contains 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum and 7% nickel. It is of strong intensity and corrosion resistance, and is mainly used in chemical processing, petrochemical and subsea equipment. Besides, this stainless steel is also resistant to chloride corrosion, high thermal conductivity and low coefficient…
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Fatigue Properties And Benefits Of Thin-walled Duplex Pipes

With the development of science and technology, new requirements are put forward for hot water supply. People are paying more and more attention to water quality issues, and the requirements for water quality are constantly increasing. Plastic pipes, composite pipes and copper pipes have become commonly used pipe materials in piping systems. But in many…
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Principle and Method of Pickling and Passivating Stainless Steel

Pickling and Passivating. before and after pickling passivating The performance of stainless steel is achieved by special alloy composition, in which chromium plays a leading role. The chromium combines with the oxygen, and forms an extremely thin and hard chrome-oxide film to protect the bottom part of the stainless steel. With the protection of chromium-oxide…
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What Happens After Processing Duplex Stainless Steel

The cleaning up of after processing duplex stainless steel is no different from the requirements of other stainless steels. The cleaning process after processing duplex stainless steel pipe is very important, and its importance is the same as controlling the temperature between layers or using shielding gas during welding. Stainless steel that has not been…
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