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From this page, you can learn what is the product of our production and sales of duplex stainless steel pipes, industrial welded pipes, stainless steel flanges, etc.

Why Corrosion Resistance Of Welded Parts Of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Decreased

All beneficial properties of stainless steel welded pipes may be damaged during processing The corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipes may decrease during heat treatment or mechanical processing such as welding, cutting, sawing, drilling and bending. Because of these treatments, the oxidation protection film on the surface of stainless steel welded pipes is usually damaged…
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China Stainless Steel Top Companies – PZSS, Jinhui Group, Taishan Steel

Zhangjiagang Pohang stainless steel Co.,Ltd. Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (PZSS) is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel. It is a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture jointly established by Jiangsu ShaGang Group (17.5% of shares) and POSCO (82.5% of shares), Korea. Situated in the Economic Development Zone along the Yangtze River of Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, it…
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China Stainless Steel Top Companies – Delong, Hongwang, Zhejiang Yongjin

Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Founded in 2010, it has developed into a large-scale private stainless steel production enterprise integrating ferronickel production, stainless steel smelting, rolling and pickling. Delong's current domestic production base has a ferronickel smelting capacity of 1 million tons, stainless steel smelting capacity of 1.12 million tons, stainless steel rolling capacity…
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