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Material Of Stainless Steel Reference List


KAYSUNS provides a variety of stainless steel and alloy materials, it almost covers all the common grades in the market. We also offer some customized material upon on a reasonable quantity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any requirement for bellow list, we can provide these materials with product bars, pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges, valves.


Stainless Steel Materials List for Reference:

Material Reference List


Stainless steel & Super Stainless

A312 TP304 A403 WP304 A182 F304 A240 gr. 304 A351 CF8 304
A312 TP304L A403 WP304L A182 F304L A240 gr. 304L A351 CF3 304L
A312 TP310S A403 WP310S A182 F310S A240 gr. 310S A351 CK20 310
A312 TP316 A403 WP316 A182 F316 A240 gr. 316 A351 CF8M 316
A312 TP316L A403 WP316L A182 F316L A240 gr. 316L A351 CF3M 316L
A312 TP316Ti A403 WP316Ti A182 F316Ti A240 gr. 316Ti 316Ti
A312 TP317L A403 WP317L A182 F317L A240 gr. 317L A351 CG8M 317
A312 TP321 A403 WP321 A182 F321 A240 gr. 321 321
A312 TP347 A403 WP347 A182 F347 A240 gr. 347 A351 CF8C 347
A312 S31254 A403 S31254 A182 F44 A240 S31254 A351 CK3MCuN 254 SMO

Duplex steel

A790 S31803 A815 S31803 A182 F51 A240 S31803 A890 Gr.4A SAF2205
A790 S32304 A815 S32304 A240 S33304 SAF2304
A790 S32750 A815 S32750 A182 F53 A240 S32750 A890 Gr 5A SAF2507
A790 S32760 A815 S32760 A182 F55 A240 S32760 A890 Gr 6A

Nickel-Based Alloy

B677/674 N08904 B366 WP904L B459 N08904 B649 N08904 904L
B729/464 N08020 B366 WP20CB B462 N08020 B463 N08020 A351 CN7M Alloy 20
B161 N02200 B366  WPN B564 N02200 B162 N02208 Nickel 200
B161 N02201 B366  WPNL B160 N02201 B162 N02201 Nickel 201
B165 N04400 B366  WPNC B564 N04400 B127 N04400 A494 M35-1 Monel 400
B407 N08800 B366  WPNIC B564 N08800 B409 N08800 Incoly 800
B423 N08825 B366  WPNICMC B564 N08825 B424 N08825 A494 CU5MCuC Incoly 825
B167 N06600 B366  WPNCI B564 N06600 B168 N06600 A494 CY40 Inconel 600
B444 N06625 B366  WPNCMC B564 N06625 B443 N06625 A494 CW6MC Inconel 625
B622 N10276 B366 WPHC276 B564 N10276 B575 N10276 Hastelloy C276
B622 N06455 B366  WPHC4 B564 N06455 B575 N06455 A494 CW2M Hastelloy C4
B622 N06022 B366  WPHC22 B564 N06022 B575 N06022 A494 CX2MW Hastelloy C22
B622 N10665 B366  WPN\HB-2 B564 N10665 B333 N10665 A494 N7M Hastelloy B2

Carbon Steel

A106 Gr.B S234 WPB A105/N A515 Gr65 A216 WCB

Low Temp. Steel

A333 Gr.3 A420 WPL3 A350 LF3 A516 Gr.70 A352 gr. LC3
A333 Gr.6 A420 WPL6 A350 LF2 A516 Gr.65 A352 gr. LCB

High Temp. Steel (Chrome-Moly Alloy)

A335 P1 A234 WP1 A182 F1 A204 gr B A217 gr.B
A335 P5 A234 WP5 A182 F5 A387 gr.5 A217 gr. C5
A335 P9 A234 WP9 A182 F9 A387 gr.9 A217 gr.C12
A335 P11 A234 WP11 A 182 F11 A387 gr.11 A217 gr.WC6
A335 P22 A234 WP22 A182 F22 A387 gr.22 A217 gr.WC9
A335 P91 A234 WP91 A182 F91 A387 gr.91 A217 gr.WC12

Line pipe material (High Yield)

API 5L B A234 WPB A105/N
API 5L X42 A860 WPHY42 A694 F42
API 5L X46 A860 WPHY46 A694 F46
API 5L X52 A860 WPHY52 A694 F52
API 5L X60 A860 WPHY60 A694 F60
API 5L X65 A860 WPHY65 A694 F65
API 5L X70 A860 WPH70 A694 F70


1–The list is for reference only,. Pls make a final confirming before order.

2–If your material is not in this list, pls contact Kaysuns without any hesitate.

Kaysuns Industry Ltd.


We will reply you in 24 hours. Thank you!