Sanitary Blender

Sanitary BlenderBlender_Powder_Liquid_Mixer_Stainless_Steel

Sanitary Blender also called sanitary mixer, these mixers are extremely compact and simple in operation, making them ideal for either continuous or batch processes that require recirculation. Pre- and post-blending are unnecessary in most operations; often eliminating lumping, flooding, or foaming.

Flow Rate:10T/h-20T/h
Temperature:-20℃ +150℃
Motor Power:4KW-7.5KW
Motor Voltage:380/460V
Motor Frequency:50/60Hz
Motor Model: ABB motor
Surface Treatment: Inside Ra≤0.8μm
Outside Ra≤0.8μm/1.6μm
Connection: threaded, clamped
Sealing Ring Material: EPDM, FPM


    • sanitary fluid transportation of dairy products
    • beer
    • purified water
    • beverage
    • pharmacy and brew beer
    • etc.

*For more information about sanitary blender (mixing pump), please contact us.

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