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Self-Priming Pump

Self-Priming Pump CIP self-priming pump adopts acid-resisting stainless steel (AISI 316) in valve body, which has unique acid and alkali resistance, and comply with sanitary requirements for foods. As a positive displacement sanitary pumps, its features are superior to centrifugal pump since it suction liquid mixed with air or foams and even merely air. It…
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Sanitary Blender

Sanitary Blender Sanitary Blender also called sanitary mixer, these mixers are extremely compact and simple in operation, making them ideal for either continuous or batch processes that require recirculation. Pre- and post-blending are unnecessary in most operations; often eliminating lumping, flooding, or foaming. Flow Rate:10T/h-20T/h Lift:2.4bar-3.6bar Temperature:-20℃ +150℃ Motor Power:4KW-7.5KW Motor Voltage:380/460V Motor Frequency:50/60Hz Motor Model:…
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