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F-type quick connector

     F-type quick connect connector belongs to the male end external thread type, with one side being a male end and the other side being an external thread connection. This joint design allows it to be used in conjunction with female connectors with pull ears, achieving quick disassembly and installation. One end is a circular arc joint stuck in the female head, and the other end is a screw thread with an external thread connection.View more

    Procurement Guidelines

    • All stock items are available for retail; once the order is confirmed, customs clearance and shipping take about one week.
    • As the original manufacturer with large-scale one-stop production, the quality of aluminum plate matches market standards and costs 10% less.
    • A trusted brand that undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring no concerns about product quality.

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    F-type quick connector size

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    specifications G nD nd L H J
    150 6
    125 5
    100 4 119 103 100.5 69 104.5
    80 3 91 76 96 66 78.5
    65 2-1/2 76 60 88.5 62.5 66.5
    50 2 63 48 80.5 58 52
    40 1-1/2 53 38 72 50 41
    32 1-1/4 45.5 30 72 51.5 35
    25 1 36.5 25 63 44 26.5
    20 3/4 32.5 21 55.5 39 20
    15 1/2 24 15 51 35.5 15.5

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    F-type quick connector application area :

    a wide range of application areas, and the following is a detailed summary and explanation of its application areas:

    • The petroleum and chemical industry: Suitable for weakly corrosive materials in chemical and petrochemical production, such as water, ammonia, oil products, hydrocarbons, etc.
      Light Industry Food and
    • Pharmaceutical: In the production of light industry food and pharmaceuticals,  used to transport materials that meet hygiene requirements, such as beer, beverages, dairy products, grain slurries, etc.
    • Pipeline and Connection: As a connecting tool between pipelines, The F-type quick connector is a detachable connection point between components and pipelines, mainly used for small diameter low-pressure pipelines that require frequent assembly and disassembly.
    • Other industries: The  also widely used in other fields such as electricity, fertilizers, food, urban construction, sewage treatment, environmental protection, etc. Its fast connection, flexible disassembly, and labor-saving characteristics make it play an important role in these industries.

    C-type quick connector application area :

    • Stainless steel is the main material for F quick connect joints, with common ones being 304 and 316 stainless steel.
    • 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and is widely used in various applications.
    • 316 stainless steel has better corrosion resistance compared to 304, especially in environments containing chlorine.

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