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B-type quick connector

    B-type quick connector is a type of female external wire connector, also known as a female external wire quick connector. One end of it is connected to the male end, and the other end is an external thread, directly connected to the pipe or other internal thread joints. Specifically, one side is a groove with two protrusions, while the other side is directly connected to the internal wire.View more.

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    B-type quick connector size

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    specifications G nD nd L H J
    150 6 195 176.5 94 58 152
    125 5 160 146 91.5 58 126
    100 4 133.5 120 87 55.5 102.5
    80 3 105 92 85 55.5 78
    65 2-1/2 87 77 79 53 64
    50 2 73.5 64 71.5 50 51
    40 1-1/2 63 54 67 45 40.5
    32 1-1/4 55 46.5 66.5 45 35
    25 1 46 37.5 58 37.5 26.5
    20 3/4 40.5 33.5 50 33 20
    15 1/2 32 25 45 29 17

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    B-type quick connector application area :

    • In the field of petroleum and chemical engineering: B-type quick connectors are suitable for engineering pipelines such as water, petroleum, and chemical engineering, especially in situations where frequent disassembly and assembly of pipelines are required. Their time-saving and labor-saving characteristics are fully reflected. When disconnecting and connecting oil circuits through quick connectors, the action is simple and can save a lot of time and manpower.
    • Pharmaceutical and power sectors: In addition to the petroleum and chemical sectors, B-type quick connectors are also suitable for engineering pipelines in industries such as pharmaceuticals and power. In these fields, The B-type quick connector can quickly and conveniently connect and disconnect pipelines, improving work efficiency and safety.
    • Other fields: B-type quick connectors can also be used to transport various liquid media, such as gasoline, heavy oil, kerosene, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, refrigeration oil, water, saline water, acidic and alkaline, etc. Therefore, it has also been widely used in other industries that require the transportation of liquids.

    Quick connector material

    B-type quick connectors are usually made of metal materials to ensure their durability, strength, and sealing performance. The specific materials depend on the application environment and the required performance. The following are some common materials used to manufacture B-type quick connectors:

    • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing quick connectors, especially 304 and 316 stainless steel. These materials have good corrosion resistance, strength, and wear resistance, and are suitable for various fluids and working environments.
    • Brass: Brass is also commonly used to manufacture quick connectors, especially for applications that require good conductivity or lower costs. However, the corrosion resistance of brass may not be as good as that of stainless steel.
    • Aluminum: In some applications, aluminum quick connectors may be lighter, but their strength and corrosion resistance are usually not as good as stainless steel or brass.

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