Dmaic project of the Xinggang Steel Plant made a progress

It is reported that the Dmaic project of the Xinggang Steel Plant's “Reducing the Grinding of Martensitic Stainless Steel Billets” has been working together since the project was established. The project has completed the improvement phase and achieved remarkable results.

The project is carried out in strict accordance with the “DMAIC” process requirements, using variable flow charts, C&E matrix, FEMA and other tools to determine the main factors, and immediately carry out immediate improvement projects, the main problem factors affecting the grinding of martensitic stainless steel billets Flexible use of various statistical tools such as relational graph, multiple logistic regression, one-way ANOVA, systematically comprehensive analysis of the root cause of the problem, optimization of vibration parameters of continuous casting machine, change of physical and chemical parameters of mold flux, reduction of superheat of medium package, etc. The scheme is controlled and improved to make a fundamental breakthrough in the surface quality of the stainless steel billet.

Combined with the grinding machine to improve the quality of the grinding, the martensite stainless steel billet has a significant effect on reducing the grinding amount.

The development of the project has played a positive role in reducing production costs and improving product quality. At the same time, it has reduced the labor intensity of the personnel in the repairing position, and the project has achieved remarkable results.

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