Indonesia's Jinchuan Wp Produces More Than 14,000 Tons Of Ferronickel In February

As of February 14, Jinchuan Group Indonesia's Jinchuan WP Company produced 14,007 tons of ferronickel and completed the production task for the month ahead of schedule.

This marks the Group's first ferronickel production line to take an important step towards full production and standards.

Ferronickel from Jinchuan

Ferronickel from Jinchuan

In the recent past, WP Company has made both efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and to ensure safe production.

  • The first is to set up a leading group to achieve production and standards, epidemic prevention and control standards, coordinate command, organize implementation, and promote together;
  • The second is scientific management, gradual progress, standardized post operations, stable process parameters, and steadily increasing the operating rate and load rate of rotary kiln, reaching 84% and 75% respectively;
  • The third is to overcome the impact of the epidemic on returning home leavers and ensure the safe and stable operation of production systems.

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