2 Million Tons Cold Rolling Project Of Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Will Soon Be Completed And Put Into Operation

Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel

Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel

Tangshan Ganglu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. based on the improvement of comprehensive supporting capabilities, to speed up the construction of 2 million tons cold rolling project. At present, the project shows a good trend of stability and smooth progress.

Yang Sizhe, Deputy Director of Cold Rolling Project Department of Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., said: “At present, we have an annual output of 2 million tons of cold-rolled steel. The main line of civil engineering has already completed more than 80% of its basic equipment. The end of this month is the end of the month and the construction of auxiliary equipment. We are in full swing."

According to reports, this project covers an area of ​​more than 200 acres, a building area of ​​nearly 120,000 square meters, and an annual output of 2 million tons of goods. It mainly constructs hot rolling transportation systems, acid rolling combined units, and supporting ancillary facilities.

Since the start of the project, in order to speed up the construction, the project investors have continuously increased their human and material resources, worked day and night, worked hard, and supervised every day. They found that the problem quickly communicated with the construction unit and ensured that the entire project would advance on time. The construction unit shall adopt a high standard and strict construction attitude, formulate a design that meets the actual conditions, mobilize excellent construction personnel, and conduct construction. At the same time, we insisted that equipment installation and plant construction go hand in hand to ensure construction progress.

According to Yang Sze, Deputy Director of the Cold Rolling Project Department of Tangshan Ganglu Steel Co., Ltd., “The next step will be to step up the capping, auxiliary facilities, acid regeneration, water treatment, and electrical room construction of the steel structure and plant, and strive to have a single on September 30. The conditions for the use of the body, and then gradually debugging, under the joint efforts of all, and strive to produce qualified products at the end of the year, make due contributions to the development of Zunhua."


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