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Socket Weld Fittings

Socket Weld Fittings Socket weld fitting is a forged high pressure pipe fittings what is applied to various piping systems. With a step on the gallery, a pipe is inserted into the recessed area to welding and installing. In contrast to buttweld fittings, socket-weld fittings are generally small diameter but with high pressure rate working. Socket-welded Joints…
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Branch Outlet Fittings

Branch Fittings  - Weldolet, Sockolet, Threadolet, Elbolet, Nipolet to MSS SP-97 Branch fittings also named Outlet fittings or Saddle fittings, mainly used for branch pipe connected, instead of the connected fittings such as reducing tees, reinforcing plates, and reinforced pipe sections. The branch fittings are popular because its outstanding advantages, such as safety and reliability, low…
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