What Is The Proportion Of High-pressure Pipe Fittings In China?

What Is The Proportion Of High-pressure Pipe Fittings In China?

The metal pipe industry has been developed in China for nearly 30 years. By the end of 2010, the national oil pipeline and pipe fitting manufacturing, natural gas pipeline and pipe fitting manufacturing, municipal engineering pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing and heat preservation, carbon steel flange refrigeration pipe fittings manufacturing enterprises have exceeded 4,000. At home, more than 1,900 companies engaged in the manufacture of metal pipe fittings.

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Among these metal pipe manufacturing enterprises, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are involved, and there are problems such as low production technology and lack of core technology, and they are often restricted to the manufacture of general metal pipe fittings. However, in terms of the amount standard, the market capacity is mainly concentrated on the manufacture of high-end metal pipe fittings.

From the pressure point of view, the production of high-pressure pipe fittings only accounts for 35% of the total number of enterprises in the metal pipe industry, but it has created 60% of the total output value of the industry.

High-end pipe fittings have a large room for improvement in terms of molding technology, welding technology, heat treatment technology, inspection technology, and design level.

With the refinement of the social division of labor, the downstream industry is pursuing a win-win situation in the pursuit of high efficiency and economic benefits. The technical requirements for pipe fittings are constantly improving, and the market demand for high-end pipe fittings is also constantly increasing.

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