What Is The Production Process Of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes?

What is the production process of stainless steel seamless pipes?

Different from the duplex pipe, the surface treatment of stainless steel seamless pipe is one of the key factors determining the service life of pipeline anti-corrosion. It is the premise that the anti-corrosion layer and steel tube can be firmly combined.

According to the research institute, the life of the anti-corrosion layer depends on the coating type, coating quality and construction environment. The surface treatment of the seamless steel pipe affects the life of the anti-corrosion layer by about 50%.

The production of stainless steel seamless pipes is very strict, because a little difference will lead to the scrap of finished products, cold drawn seamless steel pipes are made by black or gray phosphating, sealing, anti-rust treatment.

The inner and outer surfaces of the stainless steel seamless tube form a dense phosphating layer, which is then rust-proofed to effectively prevent oxidation of the steel tube. The anti-rust performance of the steel tube is very good. Therefore, since the surface of the steel tube is a phosphating film formed by phosphating micropores, it can be strong. The paint is attached to the surface of the steel pipe to effectively prevent the paint from falling off. It is an ideal product for the on-site working environment.

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