What Is The Floting Ball Valve

Floting Ball Valve

The floating ball valve is designed using hydraulic principle. It has the characteristics of structural tightness, reliable in opening/closing, high sensitivity, and convenient installation and maintenance.

It overcomes the drawbacks of the old-fashioned lever float valve, which is bulky, easy to break, and overflowing, etc.

The floating ball valve is the best choice for the water tower (pool) to automatically control the water level. For existing water towers (pools), it is necessary to replace the old-fashioned float valve, which is a better replacement product.

It is widely used in industrial and mining industries, civil buildings, automatic water supply systems for various water tanks (pools), and can also be used as a circulating water supply control valve for atmospheric boilers.

stainless steel flanged floating ball valve

Stainless steel flanged floating ball valve

Working principle of floating ball valves:

When the pipe feeds water from the inlet end, since the ball valve is normally open, the water enters the pool through the valve system, the main valve is not under pressure, the pipe is opened, and the water supply is turned on.

When the water level of the water tower (pool) rises to the set height, the float floats to close the valve

When the main valve is closed, the water supply stops. When the water level of the pool drops, the float valve is re-opened, the water pressure in the control room drops, valve is opened again to continue the water supply, to keep the water level.


Mainly used in water supply and drainage, construction, petroleum, chemical, gas, food, medicine, power stations, nuclear power and other fields of pools, water towers, water pipelines, etc.

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