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Home » News » TISCO’s oversized duplex stainless steel pipe billets filled industry gap of China

TISCO’s oversized duplex stainless steel pipe billets filled industry gap of China

TISCO's Oversized Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Billets

According to TISCO news, recently, in Suzhou an exhibition, the use of TISCO φ570mm oversized diameter duplex stainless steel pipe billet production of thick-walled 80mm seamless steel pipe, attracted many domestic and foreign petroleum and petrochemical industry people stop to consult.

duplex steel pipe

According to reports, duplex stainless steel pipe has the advantages of high strength and high corrosion resistance, is widely used in petrochemical equipment, seawater and wastewater treatment equipment, oil and gas pipelines, paper machinery and other fields. The large-diameter thick-walled duplex stainless steel seamless pipes on display were jointly developed by TISCO and a domestic steel pipe company, and should be mainly used for offshore oil platform projects.

For the thick-walled pipes required for this offshore platform project, thick steel plates were welded in the past, while seamless steel pipes are significantly safer than welded steel pipes, but the large diameter duplex stainless steel pipe billets used were previously a gap in the industry due to the constraints of equipment capacity and process conditions.

After receiving the information about the user’s demand, TISCO Technology Center took the lead and set up a research team with the Marketing Center, Manufacturing Department and Production Plant, which took 3 months to successfully develop 600 tons of duplex stainless steel billets, including the largest diameter of φ570mm, and obtained third-party certification with international influence, such as DNV and Nosork-M650, to fill the gap in the industry.

Since joining the Baowu Steel Group family, TISCO has given full play to its advantages, striving to be the first and continuously pushing its production and operation performance to a new level.