The Philippines Lifted The Ban On Dmci's Nickel Miners, And Is The Stainless Steel Pipe Market Affected?

Recently, it was reported that DMCI Holdings said in a filing with the regulator on Thursday that the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines had lifted the suspension order of nickel miner Zambales Diversified Metals.


Zambales Diversified Metals is a subsidiary of DMCI Mining, including several Philippine miners within the DMCI Mining's single nickel subsidiary, Zambales Diversified and Berong Nickel, which have been audited for compliance with environmental regulations in the Philippine government. After that, it is suspended or closed.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources lifted the suspension of the Berong Nickel Corporation in November last year.

The Berong and Zambales mines accounted for less than 5% of national production in recent years. In 2018, it became the world's second largest producer of nickel ore, and the number one nickel ore buyer - China, stainless steel tubing supplier and stainless steel pipe supplier are expected to rely on the Philippines supply, the Philippines supply will replace the ore of Indonesia, the largest producer in the country last year, because Indonesia will implement ore in 2020 Export ban.

Zambales Diversified Metals is located in the Zambales region and is mainly used for medium-grade nickel mines. The annual rainy season is from the end of June to October, during which the mine cannot be mined and loaded.

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