The Indonesian Federation Of Trade Unions Will Hold Demonstration Again In Early November

According to Indonesia’s "International Daily", on October 26, Brigadier General Awi Setiyono, the head of public relations and news at the police headquarters, was asked at the Criminal Investigation Bureau building of the Southern District of Yajing how the police would deal with violence during the demonstration.

Awi Setiyono is asked for Demonstration

Awi Setiyono said that the national police ensured that standard safety operating procedures will be used as guidance for security tasks. If it is a peaceful demonstration, the police will ensure that the demonstration is held safely and will not take repressive measures. But if the demonstration turns into anarchist action, the police will definitely take enforcement action, because this country cannot lose to the mob, nor can this country lose to intolerant behavior.

At the same time, the various trade union organizations that rejected the comprehensive employment law will again hold large-scale demonstrations on November 2.

The President of the Indonesian Federation of Trade Unions, Mohammad Iqbal, said that according to reports, President Joko Widodo will sign the implementation regulations of the Employment Comprehensive Law on October 28. If this is the case, tens of thousands of workers from 32 trade unions will hold a large-scale demonstration on November 2 and submit documents for judicial review to the Constitutional Court, request the Constitutional Court to revoke the Employment Comprehensive Law, and demand President Jokowi Issued a decree to abolish the comprehensive employment law.

Mohammad Iqbal said that not only that, the trade union federation will also launch a larger scale demonstration across the country from November 9 to 10, with hundreds of thousands of workers participating.

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