Indonesia's Antam Sales In The First Half Of The Year Increased 22% Year-on-year, Ferronickel Increased 2%

Recently, Indonesian Antam Company (ANTAM) publicly released the latest company performance, strategy and outlook during the event organized by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

In the first half of 2019 (1H19), ANTAM's unaudited net sales reached Rp 14.43 trillion, an increase of 22% in audited net sales of 11.82 trillion rupiah in the first half of 2018 (1H18), unaudited The output of ferronickel reached 13017 ferronickel (TNi), which was 2% higher than the production of 1H18 ferronickel of 12811 TNi. The unaudited ferronickel sales in 2013 reached 13157 tons, which was 5% higher than the 12579 ton 1H18. .

In terms of nickel ore, the unaudited nickel mine production in 1H19 was 4.79 million wet metric tons (wmt), an increase of 27% over 1H18 in 3.77 million wmt. At the same time, unaudited nickel mine sales of 3.9 million wmt, compared with 1H18 1.92 million wmt nickel mine sales increased by 103%. The unaudited revenue of the Antam Nickel Mine reached 1.76 trillion Indonesian dollars in 1H19, an increase of 107% from the sales revenue of 849 billion Indonesian dollars in 1H18.

The current construction phase of the East Hama Hera Island ferronickel plant development project (P3FH) in Antham is 13,500 tons. By the end of June 2019, the construction progress has reached 97%, and the 2020 plan is effective.

These will all facilitate the convenience of duplex steel pipes.

ANTAM President Ali Prabowo Alliotho said: "ANTAM 2019 public release is the company's strategy to show shareholders the latest company performance, strategy and prospects. We hope this speech can be used by investors and potential investors. It is recommended that they will invest in ANTAM stocks. ANTAM is committed to completing downstream mineral development projects to provide positive returns to shareholders."

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