Indonesia Dexin Steel 2# Blast Furnace Was Successfully Ignited At 19:58 On February 3, 2021

According to Indonesia Dexin Steel (DXN Steel), the 2# blast furnace of DXN Steel was successfully ignited at 19:58 on February 3, 2021, marking the successful completion of the first phase of the ironmaking project and the simultaneous production of two blast furnaces.

Indonesia Dexin Steel

Indonesia Dexin Steel Co., Ltd. (PT.DexinSteelIndonesia) is a joint venture established by Singapore Dexin Steel Project Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dingxin Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. and PTINDONESIAMOROWALIINDUSTRIALPARK. The total project investment is US$980 million.

The project is located in the Qingshan Industrial Park in Morovali County, Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The project scale is "3.5 million tons + 1.5 million tons reserved". It is a large-scale joint steel that integrates coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, and steel rolling. Enterprise, the main products are bars, wire rods and some steel billets.

The project newly builds 3.5 million tons of steel supporting raw material yard, 2×230m2 sintering machine, 3×600TPD lime kiln, 2×65 hole 5.5m tamping coke oven, 2×1780m3 blast furnace, 2×120t converter, one 1 million t/a Bar and a 500,000 t/a wire production line and corresponding supporting facilities.

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