How To Maintain Stainless Steel Flanges

The stainless steel flange should be a component that many people know. In fact, the flange is an accessory used to connect the stainless steel pipes or stainless steel tubings. It is used to connect two places with each other, and its usage is very simple.

Even for such a small part, we should learn how to maintain the part.

stainless steel flanges from KAYSUNS

First of all, during the welding of stainless steel flanges, if we want to avoid the corrosion of the cover, in fact, the current should not be too large during welding, and let it cool down faster. This is a better operation method.

Secondly, the selection should choose qualified flanges. A good flange may determine the service life of the entire piping system.

Do not overheat the flange: Many problems also occur when welding stainless steel flanges, such as repeated heating or overheat, the corrosion resistance of flanges will decline to a certain extent, thereby reducing its service life.

If you can pay attention to these things, you can reduce consumption and make it have a longer life.

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