How To Clean And Prevent Rust On Thin-walled Stainless Steel Pipes

Rust spots may cause damage to the surface protective layer of stainless steel thin-walled pipes and cause corrosion.

rust on stainless steel product
rust on stainless steel product

Therefore, in order to ensure that the metal surface is permanently bright and does not rust, we suggest:

  1. The surface of decorative stainless steel must be cleaned and scrubbed frequently to remove attachments and eliminate external factors that cause modification.
  2. It is best to use 316 or duplex 2205 pipes at the seaside, which is more resistant to seawater corrosion.
  3. The chemical composition of some stainless steel pipes on the market can not meet the corresponding national standards, and can not meet the requirements of 304 materials, which will also cause rust, so users should carefully choose products from reputable manufacturers.

What should I do if the duplex pipe and fittings are rusted?

  • Preparation tools: scouring pad (white cleaning cloth), cotton cloth, thick cotton protective gloves and disposable gloves, toothbrush, nano sponge wipe (magic wipe), rust remover, special bright water wax (99 wax)

Anti-rust method when surface treatment of stainless steel thin-walled pipe is mirror surface light

  1. The descaling paste is slightly corrosive and must wear gloves (disposable gloves + cotton gloves).
  2. Wipe the scrubbing cloth along the pipe of the stainless steel thin-walled pipe to avoid inconsistency of the pipe after wiping.

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