China Stainless Steel Top Companies – Shenyang Metal,Jinhaihui Technology, ZSESS

Shandong Shengyang Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Shengyang Metal Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shengyang Circular Economy Industrial Park, Luozhuang District, Linyi City. It is a key construction project of Linyi City in 2013.

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The total investment of the project is 2.6 billion yuan, covering an area of 360 acres. Construction started in June 2013 with a construction area of 110600.6 square meters and a green area of 13,800 square meters.

It can produce 2.6 million tons of stainless steel broadband annually, realize an output value of 20 billion yuan, and a profit and tax of 1.5 billion yuan.

The project mainly relies on Shengyang's coke oven gas as the main fuel, through hot rolling and solution annealing, it produces stainless steel sheets of different thickness.

Linyi Jinhaihui Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2011. The company uses imported laterite nickel ore from abroad and adopts rotary kiln-ore heating furnace (RKEF) hot charging technology to produce nickel-based energy-saving and environmentally-friendly composite materials.

The products cover 300 series and 400 series stainless steel slabs, stainless steel tube slabs, stainless steel plates, sheets, etc., with an annual output of 600,000 tons.

Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Zhenshi Holding Group Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industrial Co., Ltd after acquiring the 100% ownership of the former Jiaxing Eastern Iron & Steel Co., Ltd in July 2007.


The company is engaged in the smelting and rolling processing of stainless steel, ferro-alloys and other ferrous metals, and repeated reshaping of steel, manufacturing of metal processing machinery and general equipment, production and sale of industrial gases and technical consultation service. The company has a registered capital of 1.3 billion yuan, total investment of 2.3 billion yuan.

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