China Stainless Steel Top Companies – Liuzhou Zhongjin, Fujian Wuhang, Fujian Fuxin

Zhongjin Stainless Steel Company Limited of Guangxi Liuzhou Steel

Founded in 2013, Zhongjin Stainless Steel is located in Yulin, Guangxi, and is now a first-level subsidiary of Guangzi Liuzhou Steel.

Zhongjin stainless steel

The company is committed to the technical research and development of nickel alloys and their extensions, deep-processing products, production and sales of nickel-iron, nickel alloys and their extensions, and further processing products.

The main products are stainless steel pipes with a capacity of 120 tons.

Fujian Wuhang Stainless Steel Products CO.,Ltd.

Fujian Wuhang Stainless Steel Products CO.,Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is a Sino-foreign joint venture with a registered capital of RMB 133 million yuan.The company possesses a total asset exceeding 2.5 billion Yuan and occupies an area of 330,000 aquare meters.

fujian wuhang

It employs a staff of 2,600,of which 280 hold junior college or technical secondary school diplomas and 90 are engineers and technicians with senior,intermediate and junior titles. It has built 12 workshops, namely the stainless-steel raw material processing, smelting, continuous casting, milling, steel-strip hot rolling, cold rolling, stainless steel high speed wire rod, stainless cold wire-drawing, stainless steel solution treatment and mechanic workshops.

The annual production capacity is over 600,000 tons of stainless steel strips and wire rods of various brands and specifications. And the annual output value will amount to 10 billion Yuan.

Fujian Fuxin Special Steel Co., Ltd.

FUXIN, invested by Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group, is an integrated stainless-steel plant. It includes steel-making plant,hot-rolling plant, annealing and pickling line (HAPL), and cold-rolling plant.

fujian fuxin

FUXIN signs the technical license agreement with JFE Steel Corporation, and has been dedicated to developing super-ferrite, high-nitrogen/nitrogen-controlled austenite, and super corrosion-resistant austenite.

FUXIN locates in the Longchi Industrial Area, Zhangzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, Fujian Province, China. And it is adjacent to Jiu-Long River and Haicang port, Xiamen. The piers could accommodate 200 thousand-ton vessels, which makes logistics and transportation really convenient.

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