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China Baowu’s Annual Steel Output Exceeded 100 Million Tons, Indonesia’s Dexin 2# Converter Successfully Tested

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I. Annual steel output of China baowu exceeds 100 million tons

China Baowu Steel Group announced in Shanghai on the 23rd that it has achieved a historic breakthrough with an annual steel output of over 100 million tons.

II. Indonesia Dexin 2# sintering machine was successfully ignited, 2# converter hot test was successful

On December 22, the 2# sintering machine of Dexin Sintering Project in Indonesia was successfully ignited; on December 23, the hot test of 2# converter of steelmaking project was successful!

III. The EU extends the preliminary anti-dumping investigation period for cold-rolled stainless steel in China by two months

Foreign media reported that the Trade Commission under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the European Union called relevant industries on the 22nd to notify the extension of the preliminary investigation period for stainless steel flat steel products in Mainland China and Taiwan, which was from September 25, 2020. -December 24, 2020 is adjusted to September 25, 2020-February 24, 2021.

IV. Taiyuan Metro Line 2 vehicles using TISCO materials officially rolled off the assembly line!

On December 23, the off-line ceremony of Taiyuan Metro Line 2 vehicles was held as scheduled. Taiyuan Metro Line 2 is the first A-type stainless steel fully automatic driverless line in China. The vehicle body, wheels, and axles all use Taigang materials.

V. Nickel rises in Asian stainless steel plants withdrawing returns

The steel research institute MEPS recently released a report pointing out that due to the rapid rise in nickel costs, global stainless steel manufacturers are scrambling to adjust price levels. Market participants reported that several Chinese steel mills temporarily canceled their offers when assessing their rapidly rising raw material spending. Manufacturers in other Asian countries/regions have also delayed their quotations to local distributors while waiting for China’s pricing information.

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