About Low Temperature Ball Valve

Low Temperature Ball Valve

Low Temperature Ball Valve

The low-temperature ball valve is divided into two types: a low temperature floating ball valve and a low temperature fixed ball valve. It is used to cut off or turn on the low temperature medium whose minimum temperature in the pipeline is not lower than minus 196 degrees Celsius.

In order to prevent the failure of the stem packing seal under low temperature conditions, the low temperature ball valve adopts a long neck structure design.

The seat is designed with an automatic pressure relief function to stop the medium in the valve. The abnormal pressure rise due to the temperature rise requires strict control of the chemical composition of the material and the mechanical properties such as low temperature impact toughness.

1. This valve is a full-bore floating ball valve with compact structure, beautiful appearance and small flow resistance coefficient.
2. The sealing surface is made of fluoroplastic, the sealing pair materials are paired reasonably and the service life is long.
3. The ball and the PTFE valve seat are tightly sealed and combined with zero leakage function, and can automatically compensate for the error caused by wear by using plastic deformation, and achieve good sealing performance.
4. Various pipe flange standards and flange sealing surface types can be selected. Manual, turbine drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and other driving methods are available to meet different needs of users.

The cryogenic ball valve is mainly used in chemical equipment such as ethylene and liquefied natural gas.

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