Japanese stainless steel scrap exports report in July

Stainless steel scrap exports Japan July

It is reported Japan’s stainless steel scrap exports totaled 13,630 tons for July, rose by 14.7% compared with last month.

Among them, exports to South Korea totaled 6,028 tons, declining by 10.8% m-o-m; that export to China reached 2,633 tons, rose strongly by 231.2% m-o-m; and that export to Taiwan totaled 2,140 tons, rose by 38.4% m-o-m.

The export average prices of South Korea and Taiwan all increased too, the main reason is that LME nickle price rose by 6.2% and 14.5% for June & July respectively. It also sent stainless steel scarp price going higher too.

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